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Water and Fire Damage Repair - Fulton Ferry 11201

Water and Fire Damage Repair - Fulton Ferry 11201

Water and Fire Damage Repair

Accidents with Rugs or Carpeting

Regardless of how thorough you are in maintaining your carpeting or rugs, you can’t prevent incidents from taking place. Your carpet might be on fire and also soak in water if you’re not looking or maybe if you make a slip.

Two of the terrible damages your floor covering could possibly get are burns and water scars. When ever either takes place, it’ll be really hard for you to get rid of the harm and then clean up or even repair the carpet. It’s a great thing that you can at all times get in touch with All Bright Carpet.

Our professional staff members may easily pick up your carpets and rugs, review them for damages or spots, remove all water and soot on it, deep clean them, sanitize and even deodorize, clean them once more, steam clean, and finally, dry them. Only after that will we deliver them back to you.

In case it’s impossible to move your carpet to our office, we’ll get them thoroughly cleaned right in your home. However, we’ll will need to request that you just keep the space ventilated 48 hours after the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.

Moisture and Flame Destruction in Upholstery

Cleaning any upholstery is a tough responsibility, specifically once you have to take care of soot as well as moisture.  Consequently, we just follow a thorough practice in carrying out the method.

First of all, we take out the soot and then water. Afterward, we vacuum clean it. And after which, we make use of an eco friendly shampoo and wash it. We then simply deodorize, sanitize, and clean the upholstery. Last but not the least, we dry it as well as make sure that it stays ventilated for 48 hrs. To put it simply, you can’t sit or lay down on it in the course of the mentioned time. This certainly will make sure the highest possible outcome.

Water as well as Fire Harm in Curtains and Drapes

Washing window curtains and also drapes with water marks are simple. What’s difficult is getting these kinds of stains from them and restoring the harm already done. In which case, we need to take time and pick up the window covering to our facility. Here, we can execute strong cleaning that could last nearly 10 days.

We not only check for fire or moisture damages, but we in addition check in case bugs are hiding in its crevices. If we locate them, we ensure that they are definitely taken out. The space where they may be covering is cleaned, as well as the window covering is rinsed. Next, we hang it for steaming. Lastly, we are going to inspect the curtain or perhaps drape an additional time. In case we still realize other damage or stains, we repeat the identical steps.

It’s only after we are sure that the window covering is fully cleaned that we deliver them back to your home.

Mold and Mildew Damage in Rugs and Carpets

When you notice a foul smell after a water damage, you might want to report it directly to professionals. It is a sign that one of your rugs, carpets, and other home furnishes are suffering from mold or mildew. If not taken care of immediately, it may lead to a yellow or blackish stain that will be hard to remove.

Luckily, All Bright Carpet can treat, remove, or prevent them from infesting in any of your rugs and carpets. We can also extend this service to your upholstery, bedding, furniture, linens, window coverings, etc.

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