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Carpet Installation - Brooklyn

Carpet Installation - Brooklyn

Carpet Installation

The Reasons Why You Need Carpets

Carpeting adds fantastic value to your private home and also produces a warm, comfortable interior which should provide you with many years of enjoyment.  The installation should thus only ever be entrusted to experienced specialists who supply high quality carpeting and also workmanship.

Who You Should Choose Our Carpet Installation

Primarily based in Brooklyn, New York, we certainly have a lot more than 3 decades of expert carpet installations under our belts, specializing in business and also residential installation.

Residential Installations

We merely supply well-established manufacturers for our own home carpet installation for example:

Our house service is offered for your own convenience, enabling you to choose the best carpeting to meet your needs in the comfort and ease of your property.  The majority of carpeting is kept in stock and ready for installation within 48 hours as well as carries a lifetime extended warranty from the manufacturer’s by themselves.

Any existing old carpeting is ripped up and disposed of by us using our tools and also equipment, preserving you the effort and time.  We are going to even move the only thing that heavy furnishings for you and put it back where it belongs when we are finished.

Business Installations

Because of the high traffic quantities typically experienced in commercial properties we insist on carpet installation using high-quality commercial brands like Gardener, Shaw, Stainmaster, Patcraft, and Philly Queen.

The following forms of carpet are supplied to suit each size budget:

Hypoallergenic carpeting is also readily available for those allergy sufferers and is available for carpet installation within two weeks.

Coco Mat Installation

We furthermore set up coco pads of most diverse colors as well as types such as vinyl fabric bound, vinyl fabric bottom, natural coir, interwoven, rubber doorway pads, water hog, door, elevator, lobby, foyers as well as hallway mats.

We are able to actually customize these pads for your business, school or perhaps home however, being custom made from a natural fiber this might take up to two weeks.

Bogus Grass Unit installation

Extraordinary for a carpeting company, but this is precisely what makes us unique-- Astro Turf installation is yet another form of carpeting that we provide.  Much cheaper compared to genuine grass, we install various shades, designs, and thicknesses and can normally help you within 2-3 days, based upon inventory accessibility.

Astro Turf needs an extremely dry, flat and clean surface area to protect against it ripping, lifting up or wrinkling.  We will provide the necessary recommendation as to a surface’s suitability. The only thing that we request in return is the fact that you do not walk or perhaps step on your own newly installed AstroTurf for at least 24 hours to permit the adhesive underneath to set completely.

Precisely why choose us

We are a family-owned and operate business that offers the following benefits:

Totally free estimates
Competitive pricing
Totally free shipping and delivery as well as pick-up
Straightforward employees
Superb customer service
Speed as well as effectiveness
Substantial choice of carpeting
Estimates are done between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm Mondays to Fridays.