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Rug Restoration - Brooklyn

Rug Restoration - Brooklyn

Rug Restoration

All Bright Carpet has a team of highly skilled staff that can perform rug restoration of all sizes and materials with care and consideration. We provide comprehensive restoration services for holes, burns and tears, tattered edges and fringes, re-weaving of worn areas, full restoration of damaged areas, color and wool restoration, odor removal due to pet staining and even mold removal. We offer free pick-up, free delivery, and free estimates. Residential and Commercial restorations. We promote safe restorations and customer satisfaction, these are our #1 priorities.

What We Restore

Our professional restoration staff improves their skills regularly to give the best service to all our clients. Every family has its treasure and legacy, and if it happens to be your rugs, you can entrust them to us for careful restoration. For all restoration services, we ensure that we steam your rugs, spray it for mildew and mold prevention, wash it thoroughly but gently, sanitize it, deodorize it and dry it. If your rugs come from dirty and unsanitary waters, we can even double that process for you to ensure and maintain proper hygiene.

New Backing
Hole Repair
Loose Fibers
Color Restore
Urine Stain & Odor Removal
Moth Repair
Mold & Mildew
Water/Flooding Cleaning Service
Fire/Soot Cleaning Service

Why Restore Your Rug

The signs of wear on your rug do not mean that it’s the end. It is all normal for your rug edges to be worn out due to extreme usage. Do not worry we have the capability to restore them. We perform surges in a single thread in a looping pattern in hand-made rugs whereas, for machine-made rugs, we usually use binding tape to be sewn to repair the edges. The latter is faster and easier process to be done since the former is time-consuming. We have the complete facility to perform such repairs to your rugs. We can also perform blocking to restore your rug’s shape and to smooth out the crumples. For an advanced repair process, we take into account careful and meticulous handling of your rugs.

Our Restoration Materials

We use all the finest materials, from sheers, blades, yarns, inks, fringes, binding to all the machinery we use. All made in the USA and never compromised.

Area Rug Restoration