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Bed Bug Treatment - Brooklyn

Bed Bug Treatment - Brooklyn

Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are small, oval, brownish insects that feed on blood. These pests would often hide in different places in the house. They often enter our homes undetected. Their flat bodies allow them to live on any surface. They are often found hiding in mattresses, making it easier for them to feed on. We at All Bright Carpet offers the best treatment for your bed bug problems. We are armed with the best materials that can remove those pesky pests from your carpets, rugs, mattresses, upholstery and furniture. We have been removing and cleaning for bed bugs for over 20 years and have come to master the art of successful cleaning and removal. All products we use to clean are 100% organic and eco-friendly. We offer free estimates. Free pick-up and delivery. Residential and Commercial bed bug cleaning. We promote safe bed bug treatment, cleaning and customer satisfaction, these are our #1 priorities.

Carpets and Rugs

We offer excellent cleaning services on bug-infested carpets and rugs. Bed bugs can live for days without food and often strive on unreachable areas. If you have several bite marks on your lower leg, you might have been bitten by bed bugs. It is best that you eliminate them before they fully infest your home. After an extermination treatment, you can call us and we’ll be on your service right then and there. Here at All Bright Carpet, we can clean your carpets and rugs thoroughly. With the use of hot water and strong but safe cleaning agents, we can help you clean your infested carpets and rugs seamlessly. We use the right cleaning approach and hire the best bed bug cleaning and removal specialists to solve your problem to the core.

Upholstery and Mattresses

Bed bugs are insects that feed solely on blood. It is important that you keep your upholstery, furniture and mattress free from unwanted bed bugs. They are often found in upholstery, furniture and mattress, living in the fiber of the filling. They often crawl out at night, making it impossible for you to get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t keep your upholstery, furniture and mattress clean you will suffer from severe bites all over your body and put your health at risk. We strongly suggest that you get your upholstery, furniture and mattress cleaned yearly. This will keep your upholstery, furniture and mattress pest-free. If you travel make sure that you take a shower and wash all your clothing from the trip right away to make sure that you have not brought them home with you from your trip.

You Have Come To The Right Place

Here at All Bright Carpet, we aim to give you the best quality service. We are a family owned company equipped with a reliable staff and excellent customer service, cost-effective rates and high-quality cleaning and repair service. We are fast and efficient, and we take pride in offering only the best bed bug cleaning service. Call us now and allow us to give you the best bed treatment that you deserve. We supply the cleaning products, tools, equipment and labor. All you need to do is sit back and watch the elimination of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Treatment